What Is A Custom Diamond Painting?

Posted by Lynn Hamilton on 13th Dec 2021

One of the great innovations in diamond painting is the ability to upload photos and use them to diamond paint.

This process is simple, as far as uploading is concerned.

Choose the size of the kit, the diamond style (round or square), and upload your desired photograph.

However, before you decide on a photo, you need to follow some guidelines for a good outcome.

Doing so will help you avoid disappointment and will ensure that your photo can support this type of artwork.

The Size of the Custom Diamond Painting Is Important

Image size is important when you are uploading a photo for a diamond painting project.

If you have chosen a picture that is colorful and detailed, you need to size up.

Otherwise, the details will not be as well-defined.

Too small of size can make painting nearly impossible.

How Do You Want to Display Your Diamond Art?

When choosing a picture for upload, you also need to determine how you will be displaying your art.

Needless to say, you have one of several options to choose for showcasing your diamond painting.

If you wish to frame your painting and hang it on the wall, selecting a bigger size will work out better.

However, if you want to include diamond painting memories in a scrapbook, select smaller photos for uploads. Just make sure they offer the right amount of contrast.

Take a Careful Look at Your Photo’s Colors

When you are customizing a diamond painting, you need to carefully review the colors in your photo.

Pictures with darker shades tend to be more difficult to customize, as there usually is not enough variance. Therefore, choose a photo where the colors contrast nicely.

If a favorite photo does not display all the colors you want, it should still be large enough to make diamond painting fun and enjoyable.

Quality Is Everything

Nothing is more disappointing than to find out that your photo for your customized diamond art kit does not meet your criteria for quality.

For example, if you want to produce a larger canvas for your photo, you want to make sure the image will display well at that size.

It should not look overly grainy or too stretched out. While deep pigmented diamonds provide a great look, the true measure comes from the type of picture you use.

Therefore, before uploading a photo, make sure it meets your standards of quality.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to show off your diamond art like you want.

Taking the extra time to find just the right photo will enable you to feel more accomplished after you’ve finished your diamond project.

Choosing the Perfect Photo

Don’t rely on social media likes when choosing a photo for your custom diamond painting kit.

You need to go beyond that type of influence.

A good photo is one that is colorful and vibrant and, again, displays interesting contrasts.

It communicates this fact by leaving the observer a changed person after seeing it.

Learn More about Photography

When choosing an image, you might consult a friend who is well-versed in photography. Also, take some time out to read about the art of photography.

This will help you understand this art form better, and give you a better insight as to what to choose for a custom diamond art project.

For example, if you talk to a professional photographer, he or she will tell you that good photos include the following elements:

  • Good light and exposure
  • Color and tone
  • The right composition
  • Relationship
  • Timing

It is not enough to have a good subject, you also have to include the above elements into the mix.

If you don’t add these elements, your photo will not capture the viewer’s attention, and therefore your diamond painting will not be all that it can be.

That is why it is helpful to read more about the above-listed elements and make sure they support the image you want to customize and convey.

Let There Be Light

Be especially mindful that light is the raw substance used to create photos, and therefore is an important consideration when choosing a photo for diamond art.

When you don’t have enough light, you cannot create a colorful, vivid photo.

In fact, you might say “light” defines how photographic images are made.

The word, “photography,” comes from the Greek translation of photos (light) + grapho (drawing), or “drawing with light.

By using the right amount of light, we can tell a story with a good photo – a photo that will also enhance our diamond art.

How Light Is Used

The light used for photos can be described as a hard light or soft light. Hard light comes from a smaller light source, or one that is farther away.

This form of illumination reveals a relatively bright light that casts harder edges or shadows.

Soft light, on the other hand, usually comes from a larger source of light and casts shadows with soft edges or no shadows at all.

A sunny day’s light is an example of a hard-light source while a cloudier day issues a softer light.

Therefore, colorful photos on sunny days often are used for diamond paintings.

The “drawings” they convey make it possible for you to render a diamond painting that stands out and sparkles in a new, unique way.

Therefore, the relationship between a light source and its subject is significant.

That is because the same image can look entirely different, given the time it is photographed.

Also, some subjects photograph better under hard light than others.

As a result, the lighting and colors in a photo create a mood. For instance, a landscape may appear welcoming, warm, and vibrant when photographed on a sunny summer day. However, that same landscape may look drab or more sullen when photographed early in the day.

During daybreak, the light is often flat and offers little contrast. While the photo may still convey an interesting image, it is not an image you want to use for a diamond painting project.

Keep the above information in mind when you choose a photo for your customized diamond paint kit. When it comes to selecting a photo, the light, colors, contrasts, and subject play major roles in the final outcome of your diamond work of art.