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Are you having an issue with one of our 5d diamond paintings?  We want to know so we can help you.  The best way to contact us is to send us an email. 

Is your diamond painting kit missing diamond dots?

We are sorry to hear about this issue.  

Please conduct a full inventory of all your Diamondxpres diamond paintings and let us know how many bags you need of each color and what shape diamond (square or round) you need, and we will send them to you. free, of course.  

Send us something like this: I need 3 bags of #902 square, please.

Did you spill or misplace some diamonds?  Send us the same message, and we will replace those too.  Free!

We want you to contact us anytime with questions about diamond paintings, diamond painting techniques, feedback, or any other topic.

We are striving every day to make your diamond painting experience a wonderful one.  Sometimes we don't quite hit the mark but we will do whatever we can to make it up to you.  Unfortunately, we aren't able to help you unless we know about an issue.  

Once we are aware of problem we will bend over backwards to try and make it right.  

We love diamond painting as much as you and we totally understand that waiting for your diamond art kit to arrive in the mail is one of the hardest things to do.  To that end we try to post on our website the expected shipping times for all Diamondxpres diamond painting kits.  

We are always working extremely hard on your diamond painting order.  We are in constant contact with our suppliers.  We work with them on quality control for diamond colors, canvas adhesive, numbers and letterings, packaging and diamond painting tools.

We will generally respond in a day, sometimes two.

Email is the fastest and most reliable way to get in touch with us.

If something is not right, please let us know.  We'd also love to hear about some of the things we are doing right.

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889 Dolley Madison blvd

Mclean, VA 22101

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