Things We Love About Diamond Painting! You'll Love #2

Posted by Lynn Hamilton on 13th Dec 2021


Oh we do love the sound of a diamond painting drill sticking to the adhesive canvas! It is thoroughly addicting!

There’s nothing like getting lost in a 5d diamond painting, or as it’s known in diamond painting circles a WIP….work in progress.

We can while away the hours and the world fades into the background as we make our way steadily across the canvas.

The only interruptions are opening another bag of diamond painting gems as we ask; wow, already?

It’s like a long drive through west Texas. You go 15 miles and can’t remember how you did it.

It’s therapeutical and good for the soul!

Outsiders don’t understand.

But we don’t care.

Pop. Pop. Pop.

And on we go, each moment passes by as we get closer and closer to finishing.

Maybe it is a custom diamond painting of a loved one and we see their beautiful smiling face coming into focus as each diamond gem is snapped into place.

We’re thinking of their joy when we’ll share our completed diamond painting with them.

Maybe it is nature diamond art or animal diamond art.

Who knows? Who cares?

Why is it sometimes called cross-stitch or 5D diamond painting?

We don't care about that either.

We just want to diamond paint.

There’s just so much goodness about painting with diamonds.

Here are 3 things we really, really love about diamond painting:

That satisfied feeling when the last square drill or round drill is added to the diamond painting canvas.

finished diamond painting

It just feels so good.

We can stand back and marvel at our hard work.

How we’ve learned and used so many amazing diamond painting tips and techniques.

How far we’ve come since the diamond painting kit arrived in the mail.

Here’s the funny thing though.

As soon as the feeling is over, we can’t wait to get started on the next one.

Speaking of which.

When a new diamond painting arrives in the mail.

diamond painting arrives in the mail


We literally can’t wait to open it.

What will it look like?

Will all the diamond painting tools be inside?

We can’t wait to open it and start the inventory!

Oh please oh please oh please have all the drills!!

Oh please oh please oh please be the best diamond painting kit we’ve ever seen!!

It’s like Christmas!

So much fun!

Organizing and inspecting our new diamond painting

Organize and inspecting our diamond painting

Admit it, the first thing we do is judge the packaging.

Is it a bag?

Is it a box?

What shape is the packaging in?

Where’s it from?

Each piece of information gives us more and more clues, heightening our anticipation.

We open the package and lay out all the contents.

Check the piece of paper that comes with all diamond paintings and look at the picture.

Is it the right diamond painting?


Check the canvas.

Can we read it?

Are there bubbles?

What about crinkles and folds?

Mentally taking notes every step of the way.

This is so much fun!

In fact there’s a whole industry on Youtube dedicated to unboxing diamond paintings!!

Did we get all the tools we need to paint with diamonds?

Drill tray? Check!

Tweezers? Check!

Glue and diamond painting pen? Check and check!

We inspect and look at the tiny diamond drills.

Again taking mental notes about the bags and the quality and consistency of the gems.

Then slowly but surely we make sure we have all our diamond painting drills.

It’s so enjoyable laying them all out and ticking off the inventory sheet one by one.

If we have special containers we can now pour each color drill into their new home.

Now we organize our flat work-station and get ready to begin.

Final thoughts

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