The 7 Best Diamond Paintings of 2019: [Listicle]

Posted by Lynn Hamilton on 13th Dec 2021

Human creativity is endless.

This means we never run short of amazing works of art.

Diamond painting is proof of that.

These are the 7 best diamond painting kits of 2019:

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1- Bright Paint Colors Diamond Painting square

This 5d diamond painting might be unleashed imagination incarnated.

While most might relate art to a Renaissance-styled masterpiece, sometimes less is more.

A splash of color goes a long way and unpredictability can be the highest display of art.

This diamond painting uses a whirlwind of bright colors bringing to mind the delightful unicorn fad taking over most forms of craft and artistic expression.

Colors have a psychological effect on us, so engaging in this colorful diamond painting design will soothe and relax you.

Diamond painters love bright and engaging colors.

Imagine dipping your diamond painting pen into your tray over and over again as the colors on this canvas leap to life.

Whether is is 5D or 3D for this diamond art, it won't matter.

2- Amazing Butterfly


Butterflies are not just bugs, you know? They symbolize transformation, rebirth, and new beginnings.

This beautiful 5d diamond painting highlights the colorful silhouette of a butterfly amidst the bright shades it might witness during its search for the perfect flower.

This whirlwind of pastel shades resembles the blooming springtime—happy, bright, and full of creative possibilities.

See how the butterfly is hidden among the bold colors of the canvas? Butterfly Diamond Paintings are some of the most popular by far so it's no surprise to see this diamond artwork at number 2 on the list.

3- Farm Life

Rustic Farm

Returning to reality, this incredible diamond painting features a highly detailed view of a rustic farm in the middle of a vast, dry field.

The location itself seems out of this world—a magical fortress of solitude amidst the wonders of rural nature, inviting to the peace and calmness to be expected from the serene countryside.

While the art subject portrayed here might already make this diamond painting a fantastic jewel for any enthusiast of this exciting craft.

The sun setting behind the barn sets the warm, reddish hues that dominate the entire palette, providing a bright center-point to contrast the darkness that surrounds it.

We really like the colors and hues as it makes this a timeless classic. The barn harkens us back to simpler times and the dark azure sky looks as though it is signaling tough times ahead.

4- Gorgeous Waterfall Diamond Painting


It’s scientifically proven—nature’s benefits to our physical and mental wellbeing are endless.

Even something as simple as looking at green foliage has the possibility of reducing the release of cortisol, the hormone associated with stress and tension.

It’s pretty hard to spend time in the great outdoors nowadays—we’re just far too busy.

The good news is that the effect can start even by looking at paintings of nature.

This means the heavenly location depicted in this breathtaking diamond painting has the potential to soothe you and bring you inner peace while you work to bring that canvas to reality.

We hear that a lot with this diamond art classic; inner peace, soothing and relaxing. Easy to hang this one up when completed.

5- White Wolves

White Wolves

In the dark of the night, only illuminated by the silver rays of the bright full moon, two silver wolves roam through the lands—they are never alone, for they have each other’s company for as long as they stand.

Sounds kind of sweet, right?

That’s exactly the kind of moving story you get in this diamond painting!

The wolves are the absolute stars of the painting, positioning themselves right in the spotlight.

It’s senseless to deny it—this diamond painting is an ode to romance and mysticism.

If it seems hard to believe, take into consideration that wolves mate for life.

This means the heart shape of the feathered dream catcher is not a coincidence, it’s a symbolism representing the eternity of a romantic bond when it is true.

This diamond art work is a classic for sure. Will it makes next year's best diamond painting list? Only time will tell.

6- Precious

Little girl with red rose

The Precious Diamond Art Kit is aptly named. The little girl in her red dress, red shoes and carrying a red rose against a canvas backdrop is indeed precious.

The red-and-white palette, alongside the presence of a single red rose, conveys a Valentine’s Day brand of romanticism, making it a perfect diamond painting to create during the year’s most starry-eyed holiday.

The natural innocence of this diamond painting comes at full force after noticing the impressionistic influences of this art style—soft edges that transmit the artist’s intention as much as it portrays the child and the rose.

Ensemble this wonderful DIY diamond painting, for the soft coloring is bound to bring a sense of inner peace and aesthetic satisfaction during stressful afternoons—the delicacy of the piece turning it into a wonderful project and an even more beautiful final product, worth of display or being a gift to an important loved one.

7- Lighthouse Diamond Painting


No diamond painting collection is complete without a lighthouse kit.


A fairytale comes to life in this beautiful diamond painting, portraying a location as beautiful as it is enchanting.

The strong, unstoppable sea reaches its natural end against the edge of a powerful, rocky cliff.

The intense blue and white of the waves breaking against the brown rocks provides a natural contrast that is bound to delight fans of natural landscapes.

However, the true magic of the painting relies on the charming lighthouse resting on top of the cliff.

With a structure reminiscent of ancient castles, it almost feels as if a princess resides within the highest tower.

With the best diamond painting kits at your disposition, this DIY masterwork will take you to an idyllic scene by the sea and reaffirm that childlike sense of wonder.

Bonus Diamond Painting - Glory


We added a bonus diamond painting kit to the list because we thought the list deserved one more superstar classic.

Stairway to Heaven is far more than just a classic song by Led Zeppelin—it is also an everlasting image within our minds.

It's a goal to achieve, and the masterfully depicted diamond painting displayed here.

The inviting ethereal beauty of the Heavens is a never-ending comfort for anyone seeking an invitation to the eternal paradise.

This diamond painting canvas offers one of the most sublime and soothing artistic interpretations available so far.

With the use of your diamond painting tools, you will come a step closer of recreating the beauty of the heavenly stairs most of humanity wishes to witness someday.

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