How Do I Travel With A Diamond Painting?

Posted by Lynn Hamilton on 13th Dec 2021

One of the great ways to relax while traveling is to take your diamond paint kit with you. You just need to pack it successfully so you can keep everything within easy reach and in order. When you get to your hotel, make sure you have the kit packed at the top of your bag, so you can easily set it out on a table.

Keep Your Kit Intact – Use Spill-proof Containers

Carry spill-proof vials for the diamonds and purchase a puzzle carrier for your canvas. While you might think taking a kit on a trip may be somewhat chaotic, you need not worry. You just need to carry your kit and diamonds so they will stay intact and ready to use.

For example, the storage containers you use for you drills at home will not work when you travel. To store 3D and 5D diamonds for traveling, you need to make sure you keep them in spill-proof containers. The caps for the containers should screw on securely to prevent your drills from scattering.

Use Cases Made for Carrying Diamond Drills

To carry your spill-proof vials, you need to carry a case with foam inserts that zips securely shut. By using this type of carrier, you can keep everything locked in tight. Actually, you can find cases that are designed especially for carrying diamond drills. These kits feature 30 to 60 re-sealable bottles with airtight lids. The shock-proof outer shell of the case is impervious to wear-and-tear.

An Alternative Carrying Case

If you wish to use an alternative case, make sure the outside is durable, especially if it is more pliant. Top portfolios designed for crafting and sewing are both sturdy and lightweight. For example, the brand, PRAT, sells a portfolio through the Home Shopping Network (HSN) that offers an ideal way to carry diamond works-in-progress. You just need to find a case or portfolio that is a little bigger than your canvas.

Another Way to Carry Your Drills

Find a portfolio that is made of polypropylene and features a comfortable, easy-grip handle and includes a full-size inside pocket. It should also include an inner strap with clips for attaching the canvas and a double-action zipper design. Along with the portfolio, you might want to consider buying a beader’s travel case to store you drills.

Using a Puzzle Carrier for Your Canvas

If you buy a drill case to store your diamonds while traveling, choose a puzzle carrier to transport your canvas – something that you can easily buy on the website. You may find it easier to transport your canvas this way, as it can be rolled up tightly and easily. Don’t buy a carrier made of cardboard. Instead, select a puzzle tote with an inflatable tube and a roll-up mat so you can lock the diamonds into place.

Travel with a Smaller Canvas

When rolling the diamond canvas, make sure the diamonds face outward, not inward. That will prevent you from creasing the canvas. With that said, you need to consider the size of your work-of-art. After all, you won’t be diamond painting for long spans of time. Therefore, to keep things more compact and easier to manage, it is better to choose a smaller sized canvas. Don’t go any larger than 50 x 75cm and keep those larger kits at home.

Consider Having a Kit Delivered to Your Vacation Residence

You might also consider having a kit delivered to the address where you will be staying if you are going to stay with a friend or are going to a vacation home. Kits usually take about 2 to 3 weeks delivery time. In some instances, you can have a diamond kit you already have delivered by FedEx to where you will be staying.

Getting Rid of the Wrinkles in a Canvas

With that being said, you might still run into problems, when traveling, with drill spills or wrinkling. For example, sometimes the canvas, at the beginning of a project, becomes a bit crumpled. If you find this to be the case, you can easily fix the problem.

Sometimes, all you need to do is peel back the cover, then gently press it back into place. Another way is to insert the canvas between two pieces of cardboard and place it under your mattress. You can also use a towel and an iron to iron out creases. Flip over the canvas, place the iron on low heat, and position the towel on the canvas before ironing.

Getting Rid of a Bubble

If a bubble emerges in your canvas, take lightly score the bubble with a razor blade. Just make sure you don’t cut the canvas when using this technique. The bubble will vanish so you can work on your art.

Cut a Laundry Dryer Sheet into Strips to Prevent Drills from Clinging

In some cases, you might unpack your drills and find you have a problem with static cling. To prevent this from happening, store your diamonds with small cut strips of a laundry dryer sheet. Some diamond painters store their diamonds in the freezer to keep them from clinging. However, the dryer sheet will work fine when traveling.

Review Your Trip Plans

You also have to consider where you are taking your diamond painting. Some places make it more inspirational for you to diamond paint than others. In addition, you need to consider what you have planned on your travel itinerary. If you will be attending a conference, for example, it is highly unlikely that you will have much time to devote to diamond painting.

However, if you are taking a two-week trip to a place where you will have time to sit back and relax, taking your diamond paint project is a good idea. Just don’t pack so many diamond painting kits that you make painting impractical. If you bring smaller canvases with you, take them in a laptop bag that features a padded slot for a laptop. In this case, you will use the slot for your diamond painting kit.

A Great Traveling Companion

No matter how you choose to store your drills and carry your canvas, you will find that traveling with a kit is possible. A diamond painting kit is a great travel companion, as long as you use the right accessories and have time to paint on your trip.