How Diamond Painting Changed My Life For Good

Posted by Lynn Hamilton on 13th Dec 2021

I was in search of a one-of-a kind hobby – one that would give me the opportunity to be challenged while enabling me to do something unique.

I happened to find the answer online. One day, while on Facebook, one of my friends mentioned how they loved diamond painting.

I was curious. What was diamond painting?

Painting with diamonds?

The phrase stuck with me. I wanted to know more.

What Is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is not painting, as we think of it – using oils or watercolors on an art canvas. Instead, small “diamonds” or drills are used to make a glimmering work of art.

When I began looking at the diamond painting kits for sale, I could not wait to begin my new-found hobby!

I started, first, with a smaller diamond painting of a sweet kitty-cat. While smaller diamond paintings do not glisten or are as clear as the larger ones, they are easier to manage for beginners and do not take as much time.

Also, it is easier to use rounds instead of squares when you start out.

Square drills cover more of the canvas, which increases the picture’s sparkle.

However, rounds are easier to apply, as you don’t have to line them up as precisely as you do the squares.

What a Diamond Painting Kit Includes

I placed my order and it arrived quickly. (I waited about two weeks.)

When I opened the package, I checked to make sure the order included everything I needed to begin.

My diamond painting kit included the following items:

  • A pre-printed canvas that features a pre-applied adhesive and design chart
  • Color diamonds or drills, labeled in separate small zip-lock type bags
  • A grooved tray to dispense the drills, as they are applied
  • A diamond pen, used, with an enclosed wax pad, to pick up a drill or drills
  • Extra-sharp tweezers
  • A chart, so I knew how to match the drills to the canvas

I also ordered a light pad and magnifier, so I could see better.

These accessories are must-have tools when you are doing this type of craft.

About the Diamonds

Diamond rounds and squares come in 5D or 3D designs.

Therefore, 5D drills have five facets while 3D drills showcase 3 facets – the more facets, the higher the “glitter” effect.

The drills are normally made of a resin material.

I ordered a 30cm x 30cm kit, as larger kits are said to have a higher definition, and that size is the smallest size I wanted to tackle for my first work of art.

In fact, 30cm x 30cm is the ideal size for beginners, as it is about 11” on all sides, and therefore is more manageable when you are first starting out.

Tips for Beginning the Activity

When you begin, simply pull back a small portion of the see-through plastic, working your way up.

Don’t remove the whole covering, as doing so will dry out the adhesive.

If you find that your adhesive loses its stickiness, you just need to dampen it a bit with a baby wipe or a water-dampened sturdy paper towel.

I also organized my itty-bitty drills in a medicine organizer and taped the coding/color chart next to my canvas so I could easily refer to the colors.

As long as you organize yourself first, you will find that this form of crafting will lessen the stress in your life, and, in fact, allow you to relax more and think less about those things that induce anxiety or stress.

That is because you really need to focus when you are diamond painting. Therefore, the activity keeps you centered and, in turn, less stressed.

Completion Time

If you want to know how soon you will finish, it depends on the size of the picture, the time you have to devote to the craft, and your level of skill.

As a beginner, it took me a couple months to finish my project.

I also used a kit with rounds, which made everything go faster. While squares take up more space on the canvas and therefore glisten more, the rounds, for beginners, are easier to place.

In the end, I still produced a picture that caused my friends to ooh and ahhand rave about my newfound “art.”

Like everything in life, you have to begin somewhere.

You don’t have to have special artistic skills to diamond paint.

While it is kind of like a mix of cross-stitching and paint-by-number, you do not have to be an expert at cross-stitchery or embroidery.

In fact, you don’t have to have any type of painting or art experience.

You just need to commit yourself to the craft.

To ensure you get your diamond painting done, spend so much time each day on the activity.

Even if you spend only an hour, it will make a big difference.

Not only does this type of hobby increase your self-confidence, it is one activity that brings about astounding results.

Some People Practice Yoga – Others Diamond Paint

While some people practice yoga to calm themselves, I have found that diamond painting has the same effect on me. I can stretch my creative muscles, which makes me feel more relaxed.

If you want any tension to vanish, diamond painting is the solution.

Again, you don’t have to consider yourself particularly “artsy.” Yet, what you end up creating will unveil a new and more expressive you.

Just like yoga, diamond painting involves concentration – allowing you to use reasoning skills and your imagination at the same time.

For example, when you read the pattern of a diamond painting, you need to use logic, matching the symbol on the chart and finding the color related to it.

Any latent creativity is stimulated when the tiles are laid on the canvas.

According to scientists, this part of the activity stimulates the cerebral cortex of the brain, which regulates your fine motor skills and vision.

Indeed, this activity has enhanced my vision, physically and creatively. I’ve also developed my hand-to-eye coordination, as you really need to focus when you place those small pieces (2.5mm) on a canvas.

After I finished my first painting, I could not help but feel proud, if not a little awed.

If you diamond paint, you will also activate the right hemisphere of the brain, which invigorates the imagination.

When this happens, you can create wonderful pictures of art without having one artistic bone in your body. Even if you happen to be artistic, you will find the activity to be both fun and rewarding, as it will still challenge you.

The size of the drills and the layout of the designs make this form of artistic “embroidery” one that is unmatched among crafting activities.

Diamond painting has changed my life – for the better. I know it will do the same for you.

If you want a hobby that is challenging but addictive, I urge you to review the diamond painting kits featured online.

Start a new, fun, and creative pastime – beginning today. Buy a kit and get started right away!