How Can I Store My Diamond Paintings?

Posted by Lynn Hamilton on 13th Dec 2021

If you currently do diamond painting or you are just beginning, you may wonder about your storage options. Storage is an important consideration, as the drills you use are exceptionally small. Therefore, you need to make sure you can easily access them for your projects.

Preparing Your Drills for Storage

You can choose hard storage options or baggies. It just depends on the amount of drills you are using, your individual preferences, and the methods you wish to use for labeling. You can review the options below to see what works best for you. They may also provide you with the inspiration to create some new storage options yourself.

Before you choose an option for storage, you also need to think about where you will be storing your baggies or containers and you diamond painting kits.

Find a Vertical Filing or Organizing System

One of the best ways to keep everything organized, and in one place, is to buy a file cabinet with slim-lined drawers that can hold your drills and artwork. Find a vertical file with at least 10 drawers where can place your artwork flat. You can also use a 10-drawer utility organizer with coasters. That way, you can move your organizer to wherever you are painting in your house.

Selecting the Right Size Cabinet/Organizer System

If you use colorful drawers, you can color-code your belongings, thereby making it easier to stay organized. Choose a file system or organizer that is about 13 inches wide, about 15 inches deep, and a little over 3 feet high.

For example, an organizer rack of 10 drawers with coasters might be separated in 5 different colors – 2 red drawers, 2 orange drawers, 2 green drawers, 2 blue drawers, and 2 purple drawers.

Make sure you choose an organizer with knobs on each drawer so the drawers are simple to open. Each drawer should slide out easily for quick and ready access of your art supplies, including drills, finished artwork, or work-in progress projects.

How Most Organizer/File Cabinets Are Made

While the drawers are usually made of a lightweight plastic (you can also buy them in metal), a metal frame stabilizes the utility organizer or filing cabinet.

If you choose a utility organizer with four swivel casters, 2 of the wheels should feature a locking mechanism to stabilize the cart/organizer when it is not being used.

Suggested Storage Options

Use the aforementioned organizer or filing cabinet as the hub for the smaller storage solutions you will be using for your diamonds or drills. Whether you choose small baggies or a container system, you need to have a place to keep your art accessories. If you don’t have that many drills to sort, you might begin with baggies. You will need a permanent marker to label bags and keep them in order numerically.

Otherwise below is a suggestion of storage options:

  • You can use sauce containers for storing your drills, organizing them by number and color.
  • What you might use for bead storage can also be used for storing and organizing drills.
  • You might also consider small square re-sealable snack containers that feature a snap lid.
  • Another type of storage is a smaller round stackable container with a twist off lid.
  • Some diamond paint artists use a binder book to store smaller diamond art or for storing baggies containing drills. This storage solution can work out well for smaller pictures.
  • Pill containers may be used for organizing diamonds as well.
  • You can even use a spice rack turntable to store your diamonds. This might be used instead of the aforementioned utility organizer/file cabinet.

Store Your Separated Drills on Shelves

Besides the above file cabinet/organizer, you can also place your stored drills on shelves. As long as you find an organizational system that will keep you managed, that is what counts. You can find lightweight metal 6-shelf units for about $40 to $50 online. You might also consider a standalone shelf with four shelves made of bamboo. A metal framed shelf with oak shelves is another good option too.

Use Empty Egg Cartons to Get Organized

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money to organize your drills, keep them in separate small baggies in one or two empty egg cartons. Again, if you use the baggies, it is best you use them for smaller diamond painting projects. You will need more storage space if your diamond painters are larger.

A Recommended Solution

If you choose to buy bead storage trays, try out a 45-piece storage set. It will cost under $20 on Label each section, and “Voila!” you are in business.

An Organizer for Leftover Drills

One really cheap storage solution is based on how clothes are organized at the drycleaners. This is a system you can use to organize leftover drills in baggies. For this effective, makeshift system, you will need the following:

  • A plastic clothes hanger
  • Safety pins
  • Small baggies
  • Stickers

Don’t Pay More than You Have To

This whole system will cost you no more than $4.00, and the items can be bought at your local dollar store. If you have diamonds stored in small bags and labeled, you might also sort them in a recipe box and separate them with index cards.

How to Sweep Up Those Leftover Diamonds

Who says you need a fancy elaborate system to stay organized? Do you have a system for organizing your drills? If, not, use the above information to know where everything is at when you diamond paint. By staying organized, you can use leftover diamonds for crafting and other innovative purposes. Also, to sweep up leftover diamonds, you might use a handheld crafter’s vacuum – set aside only for that purpose. Vacuums of this type sell for about $15.99 on

Before you buy any storage, shelves, or cabinets online, look at your budget. How much can you really afford to spend? Once you determine how much you can pay, you can quickly narrow your choices so you can get what you need and still stay within your budget. By taking this approach, you will not overspend, and will be able to keep everything organized and easier to manage.


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