A Step By Step Guide To Diamond Painting

Posted by Lynn Hamilton on 13th Dec 2021

What is diamond painting?

Diamond painting is simply a cross between paint by numbers and a jigsaw puzzle.

Diamond painting, or diamond art as it is also called, is a fun filled art craft where colorful pictures are created by filling in squares or circles with tiny pieces of color-coded resin diamond dots, diamond gems, drills and such.

You paint with diamonds by:

  1. Putting some diamond painting wax on the tip of the diamond pen.
  2. Picking up a diamond gem with the wax end of the pen.
  3. Putting the gem in the corresponding square or circle on the diamond painting.
  4. Repeat as necessary to complete your diamond art.

Seal and frame as necessary.

That’s all there is to it.





Stress reducing.

What is in a diamond painting kit?

Diamond art kits are craft kits filled with all the tools necessary to complete a diamond painting.

A diamond painting kit

Diamond painting kits come in padded bags or a boxes, depending on their size, and are filled with the following diamond painting accessories:

  • 1 x diamond painting canvas. The canvas is coated with an adhesive to help the diamond drills stick.

diamond painting canvas

  • 1 x diamond painting pen. The diamond painting pen has a specially shaped stylus to help "grab" the gems for placement onto the adhesive canvas.
  • 1 x diamond painting tray. The diamond painting tray holds the gems for easy access and also aligns them for fast and repetitious actions.
  • 1 x pair of tweezers. We use the tweezers to help move diamonds that have been placed a little off center or to place the diamond dots one at a time.
  • 1 x diamond painting glue / wax. The diamond painting pen is placed into the wax which is necessary to "grab" the gems.

A complete diamond painting kit

  • 1 x diamond painting inventory sheet. The diamond art inventory sheet is a key diamond painting tool. We use it to make sure we have all the right colors and amounts of diamond gems.
  • 30-45 x bags of diamond gems. These are very small resin or plastic square or round shaped beads which are placed onto the canvas. They are the heart and soul of your diamond painting kit.

Diamond Painting Canvas

and a diamond painting canvas. Most diamond art canvases have the following:

A logo

A legend

The size

A thumbnail of the diamond art picture

Contact references

And of course, the diamond art painting.

Are Diamond Painting Kits Expensive To Buy?

You can easily get a starter diamond painting kit for under $10. We recommend starting off with a smaller kit until you get the hang of diamond painting.

It can be intimidating to receive a larger size diamond art kit, like a 40cm x 50cm, as your first project.

The diamond dots are very small. Only 2.5mm x 2.5mm.

Also, square diamond drills (5d drills) are a little more difficult than the round ones (3d drills).

What are you waiting for?

Get a diamond painting kit today!


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