Essence Diamond Painting

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Did someone say spa? Essence diamond painting makes us want to go to the spa and get a massage. Can you hear the gentle spa music in the background? We know we can. Hang this one any where in the house when you are finished. 

Photos are of a representative diamond painting kit.  

All diamond paintings have unique felt backing to ensure a wrinkle free diamond painting canvas.

Kits also include luxurious diamond dots, multi placer diamond painting pen attachments, a large piece of wax, a tray, tweezers and several extra small baggies.




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Clean and wholesome family fun.

You and your family will be able to spend hours of quality time together without cell phones, computers, video games or the TV going full blast.  Diamond paintings are great for parties, sleepovers and family get togethers.

Inexpensive and easy to learn.

Talk about a great hobby!  Just order your diamond painting and you are good to go.  No need to invest in a lot of expensive equipment and diamond paintings require very few additional tools to complete.  Besides the tools that come with every diamond painting you might need a heavy book or a rolling pin to help flatten it out as you go along.  You also don’t need any lessons to get started, just open up the diamond painting kit and begin.

Suitable for all ages.

Diamond paintings are great for kids of all ages.  Once they get started and get into it diamond paintings will keep them focused for hours at a time.  It’s a great way to while away a rainy afternoon with your kids.

Soothing and relaxing.

It is simply amazing how relaxing diamond painting is.  It must have something to do with immediate sense of accomplishment as each diamond pops into place as the glue from the painting takes hold. 

Thoughtful gift idea for friends and family.

Want to get a friend, neighbor or a family member the perfect gift?  Look no further than diamond painting.  It’s unique, relatively inexpensive and will surprise them by how much fun they’ll have.  Want to really blow someone away?  Get them a custom diamond painting made from a photo of a special event in their lives.

Finished product is ideal for hanging.

Here’s the best part about diamond painting, you can hang the finished product proudly.  Finished diamond paintings absolutely radiate, their colors pop and shine and it’s amazing how much detail they show.

Diamond Paintings Include: 

- Painting canvas with adhesive

- Drills plus spares

- Glue/wax pad

- Drill pen for individual drills

- Drill tray

- Tweezers

- Hours of fun!

Our Promises to You

Free Shipping....Always!  We believe that shipping your diamond painting is our cost and our responsibility.  We will never pass this cost onto our customers.  We also don’t want our customers to worry about checkout and hidden shipping fees that don’t show up until right before the checkout process is complete.  Our shipping cost is $0....always!

Orders: 1-2 days depending on volume.  Usually we get your diamond painting orders in immediately.  We know our customers don’t like waiting, nobody does.  We will not add to that problem and will normally put your orders in within minutes of your order.

Delivery:10-16 days maybe longer depending on region. We know our customers are looking forward to receiving their diamond painting so they can get started right away.  We will always ship using the fastest and most economical shipping solutions.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed! We take our core values seriously and we know our customers are the most important aspect of the business.  If we’ve done something wrong, let us know and we will make it right.