Super Secret Diamond Painting Tip

Posted by Lynn Hamilton on 13th Dec 2021

Diamond painting tip

Here's a super secret diamond painting tip that could revolutionize the diamond painting industry.

Did you know you don't need a diamond painting kit to do diamond painting?

It's true.

We've done it.

See, we think about diamond painting all day, every day.

We think about ways to make it better and make it easier for everyone to enjoy.

We love diamond painting tips and we love to hear about new diamond painting techniques.

We launched a survey a little while ago and one of the things we kept hearing about was what to do with leftover diamond dots.

They're everywhere!!

And it seems like there are millions of them leftover after the project is done.

That got us to thinking about what to do with these extra diamond drills.

We didn't want to just toss them away.

That would seem like a waste.

We scoured the internet and we found tons of great ideas.

Use them to decorate objects around the house, put them on picture frames, use them with candles, etc...

All great ideas.

But we stumbled upon an idea that blew our minds.

Several weeks ago we were printing out a picture at home and something happened with the printing.

Instead of printing out regularly, the photo came out all pixelated.

It was strange.

But then it occurred to us, what if we could somehow glue our leftover diamond gems to the pixels.

Would it work?

Would the tiny diamond dotz stick?

What would it look like?

What glue should we use?

We fiddled around and ultimately tried a small experiment with a blank piece of paper and some Scotch Spray Mount light duty adhesive.

It worked!!!

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We stenciled the word love on a blank piece of paper, lightly sprayed the Scotch adhesive and began to place diamond dots.

We were diamond painting without a diamond painting kit!!

We learned some valuable lessons along the way.

- No need to use a stencil. In the future we could just print the word or design using Powerpoint or Word.

- Start from a corner and work only up and down or left and right.

- Spray the adhesive only as needed.

- On subsequent sprays, cover the completed portion with a piece of paper of something.

- Go slow and deliberately.

Our thoughts on how to make this even better.

What would a larger diamond painting look like on poster board?

What about color poster board?

Could we diamond paint over a paint by numbers design? We think we can.

What about over a printed photo from Walgreens or Target.

Could we do a diamond painting over a magazine cover.

The possibilities are endless.

What do you think?


Got any comments or suggestions? We’d love to hear from you.

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Lynn Hamilton