How Long Does It Take To Finish A Diamond Painting Kit?

Posted by Lynn Hamilton on 13th Dec 2021

How long to complete a diamond painting

How long does it take to finish a 5d diamond painting?

We conducted an informal Instagram Poll and….

Drum roll please.

It depends.

The answers we received to the poll were all over the place as far as time goes.

It depends on the size of the diamond painting.

It depends on your diamond art skill level.

It depends on your diamond painting tools and it depends on your diamond painting techniques.

Do you only reveal small areas of the adhesive canvas at a time or do you peel back a large portion of the diamond painting cover sheet and let 'er rip?

We've tried our best to put some science behind our calculations but at the end of the day it is anyone's guess.

A 20cm x 20cm 5d diamond painting kit might take a beginner a week.

The same size diamond art kit could take an experienced veteran a day or two.

A 40cm x 40ccm diamond painting kit isn't twice as big as a 20cm x 20cm diamond painting.

It is 4 times as big.

So it will take 4 times longer.

4 weeks to complete a diamond painting?

For a beginner working on one that big?


Some diamond painters take weeks to months finish a diamond painting.

Some can finish a diamond picture in a weekend with focus and dedication.

Our best guess is the first small size 5d diamond painting will most likely take a few days to a week if you spend a few hours a day.

As you get better and more skilled you will be able to move to larger DIY diamond paintings and spend the same amount of time.

It could also come down to basic math. There are a lot of squares to fill in a square diamond painting. Especially a full diamond painting kit.

Full Diamond Painting

How many square diamonds or round diamonds are in the diamond painting?

Divide that number by how many diamonds you can place per minute and you will get the time it takes to complete a piece of diamond art.

For instance if you have 6400 diamonds on a 20x20cm and you can place 30 diamonds per minute then it will take 213 minutes or 3 1/2 hours.

Is 30 drills a minute fast? To me it is. But we've seen much faster.

Check out our diamond painting calculator to see how long it will take you to complete your diamond diamond painting.

How Long to Complete a Diamond Painting Calculator

Skill Level

It looks like it will probably take you 13:44 hrs.

For fun, search for diamond painting youtube on google and you'll see there are some amazing diamond painters out there.

Or find a video that says diamond painting how to.

Like we said.

It depends.

What everyone does agree upon is, diamond painting is a fun creative outlet and is incredibly relaxing.

Get one today!


How long does it take you to finish a diamond painting?

We'd love to hear.

Leave a comment.

Not sure what size diamond painting to buy?

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By Lynn Hamilton at Diamondxpres