Hottest Crafts of 2022: You Won't Believe #1

13th Dec 2021

Diamond Painting

States across the country have shut down non-essential businesses until the coronavirus outbreak passes. And this decision has left you at home searching for things to do.

Crafting is the perfect hobby to get you through this strange, stressful time.

And 2022 has brought with it a slew of new trending crafts that will keep you entertained.

You might end up with a decoration you love, too.

Here are seven projects to try.

1. Diamond Painting

One Minute Diamond Painting Tutorial

Perhaps you've heard of painting or coloring by number. Meet the new and improved version of those crafts, diamond painting.

Diamond painting lands somewhere between color-by-number projects and a jigsaw puzzle. You'll receive a coded picture, and it'll be up to you to place the colored diamonds in the right spot.

It's a task that requires patience, concentration and time. In other words, it's the perfect hobby to pick up during quarantine — and you'll walk away with a piece of art ready for your wall.

2. Quilting


You're probably thinking, how is quilting one of the craft trends of 2020 when it's been around for so long?

And you're right — people have been quilting for decades. Recently, though, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of these homemade blankets. Not only that, but crafters want to design and sew the intricate patterns themselves.

Luckily, if you're a first-timer, there are beginner patterns you can use to craft your first quilt. You'll just have to invest in a few supplies to get the project done.

3. Stained Glass

Stained Glass

Again, one of the latest craft trends happens to be an age-old art — stained glassmaking.

Indeed, stained glass makes a beautiful addition to any home, especially one with ample natural light. And, much like quilting, you'll need to pick up a few supplies before you start your projects. After that, though, you can reuse them to make more art — and plenty of sites have cheap digital downloads for design patterns.

4. Constellation-Inspired Crafts

Constellation Craft

You'll find plenty of star-filled projects amid the trendy crafts of 2020. And you can get creative as to how you put this prompt into practice.

For some, it involves redecorating. Grab a star stencil or freehand the celestial bodies, if you have the artistic chops. You can then paint constellations onto a bedroom ceiling. You can do the same with a canvas — dot your zodiac constellation, for example.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to constellation-inspired art, so feel free to take the idea and run with it in your own way.

5. Eco-Friendly Art

Eco Friendly Craft

You may have all the art supplies you need to take part in one of 2020's newest craft trends.

Eco-friendly art reuses many of the scraps and supplies you have at home already. As such, it's a pretty broad category of crafting.

For example, you can take all of your old picture frames and repaint them the same color. Then, hang them on the wall to create a funky gallery wall. Or, you can sew together old t-shirts or other scraps of fabric to create a patchwork blanket.

In other words, you can be super creative and clever with eco-friendly art. And you can feel good about it since you're saving rubbish from ending up in the landfill.

6. Green Projects

Green Craft

Don't confuse this with eco-friendly art — these are entirely different craft trends. That's because we're literally talking about the color green now.

More and more crafters have chosen to highlight the color green in their 2020 art projects. Keep this in mind as you pick up supplies to complete any of the other projects listed on this list.

If you work green materials into any of your craft projects this year, you'll be on-trend. For this year specifically, consider working in an earthy chive, blue-green or chartreuse to keep your craft looking fresh and design-forward.

7. Resin Paintings

Watch this video here

Perhaps you envision a more concrete piece of art where the subject is clear. If so, you might be better off trying the aforementioned diamond painting.

If you're open to trying something more abstract, though, consider a resin painting.

You may have seen videos of other artists creating such pieces on Facebook or Instagram. They're pretty soothing to watch — imagine how it'd feel to create one.

Basically, you'll fill a cup with different colors of resin, then pour it onto a canvas.

You could have it on a spinner so that the resin shifts slowly in a spiral. Holding the canvas at an angle or tilting it yourself can spread the paint, too.

No matter how you do it, you'll end up with an eye-catching piece of art that's incredibly easy to make.

Bonus Craft - Flower Arranging

Flower arrangement craft

You might not be able to get to the craft store to make the crafts listed above. Don't worry — you can still partake in flower arranging, another one of 2020's trending crafts.

You're in luck if you have a garden from which to pluck your blossoms. If not, many garden stores remain open, as they are outdoors and easy to explore without spreading germs.

Once you have your blooms of choice, place the stiffest stems first. Then, you'll add your largest flowers, followed by the ones you want at the center of your arrangement. You can finish it off with space fillers if you wish — baby's breath, anyone?

A bouquet is not a craft that will last forever, but it's one that will make your space feel brighter and fresher. And, if you're at home on a lockdown order, that could make all of the difference.

Trending Crafts — Try One Today

This year has unexpectedly given many of us time to pursue our creative hobbies once again. So, try your hand at one of these trending crafts and see the beauty you can create.

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